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About Us

Fuse Insights was born from our own experiences of being research clients. We’ve spent years working as researchers in client organisations in Europe and North America, developing and delivering research solutions to business challenges; and working to translate those research findings into something our colleagues would understand, value and act on.

And a key insight we learned was that, for businesses, every research project has to be justified – how will it affect the business, or how will it add to what we already know?

If you can’t show the impact, you often can’t get the budget.

Frankly, when we looked around, even among the research vendors we worked with, we didn’t see any agencies understanding or supporting that requirement. So, we took what we learned from working as a research client, combined it with our experiences of working for established research agencies, and set up Fuse Insights.

You won’t catch us talking about the best conjoint analysis, or how random digit dialling is the only “true” way of sampling. Instead, we start every project by understanding what success looks like – when we get to the end of this project, how will we know it’s been successful? And we work back from there, choosing the best methodology, the best approach, and the best way to deliver our findings, to achieve that success.

Nick Drew

Nick’s been a researcher for more than fifteen years and a research client for ten. After working at the Financial Times and Microsoft, he spent several years as Head of Research for Yahoo across Canada and Latin America, developing and managing a program of award-winning research from small tactical projects to large-scale thought leadership initiatives. He later set up the Research and Analytics function for FleishmanHillard Canada, helping the company to incorporate research and data into its ways of working, and supporting a wide range of clients across the public and private sectors in their research and insights needs.

Nick’s interspersed his career with time working for agencies ranging from large multinationals to small boutique shops. But it’s the time he spent working as a research client that he really found a passion for the art of taking business challenges and turning them into questionnaires, and transforming data and qual transcripts into meaningful outcomes for marketers, sales folks and C-Suite leadership.